We offer study visas for almost all the major countries like Canada, Australia, New Zealand, USA, UK, Europe, Singapore and etc. We are experts in this field and are always committed to customer service. We strictly keep in mind that the student is given the right guidance from the very first day he comes to us for a counseling session and he is kept informed throughout the process about his application procedure. We make the whole process of Study Visas, starting from the very basic step of course and country selection to arranging admissions for the student from various colleges and universities followed by the visa filing. We make sure that the student is well prepared for the interview, so that he does not faces any problem in getting a visa. Our motto is to make the whole process very streamlined and transparent. Owning to high service standards and professionalism, in a short span of time we have reached great heights and as a result we have a network of more than 300+ institutions worldwide to offer as a choice to the our aspiring clients. We are a young and dynamic company and are rapidly expanding our wings with our office network spanning India and abroad. In such a small time we have been able to deliver great results, our visa success rate speaks for itself.


Course Selection

We believe in understating and assessing students personal requirements hence provide students with one–one sessions and guide accordingly. After interaction with the students we let them know about all the options they can opt for i.e the destination, course and institution that match their personal circumstances such as academic, employment and financial background.We help you to stay focused while selecting and achieving your goal of successful career.

Getting Admission

Students from different parts of the world want to transit abroad to pursue their higher education in one of the good university. Choosing educational institution is quite confusing process, at Yellow Sapphire we help to make things easier. We also coordinate with the relevant institution’s admission office on student’s behalf to ensure the process progresses as efficiently as possible. We also guide till end or time to time as when required.

SOP Assistance

At Yellow Sapphire, we help students in making content, suggests changes and prepare the SOPs most effective for applicants purpose. As SOPs plays a vital role in one’s application process, it is very important to get the right SOP for the purposes stated. If the SOP is good, universities may overlook a few minor deficiencies and make a positive decision.

Mock Interviews

We Provide Mock interview sessions to aspiring students. Our Aim is to provide Interview sessions which are as realistic as possible.The mock sessions provide candidates the experience and gives them confidence prior to the actual interview. Our Experienced counsellors trains the students on all the expected Visa Questions with respect to their profile and constructive feedback is provided to the students in order to enhance their interview skills.

Travel Arrangements

“Traveling around and going around the world and making arrangements for moving to destination is the most difficult thing”, but we make easier for you through our partnerships with leading service providers. We take care of all your travel needs including air ticketing, foreign exchange and travel insurance. We also assist students with the booking of flights well in advance to allow ideal departure dates, routes and discounts.

Post Landing Services

Air Ticketing
Foreign Exchange
Travel Insurance
Airport pick-up / drop- off
Finding the house , apartment or Residence


Since everyone do not wants to go abroad for studying, but are really anxious and want to explore new countries, we cater to this very sector of this industry as well. We offer tourist visa services for various countries like New Zealand, Australia, Canada, USA, UK, Europe(Schengen), Dubai, Malaysia, Japan, China, Singapore, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and many more. Our visa services are one of the best in class, we work in a committed manner and follow strict timelines. We deliver what we promise. So call us / drop an enquiry for more information.

Travelling for leisure or work is next best thing that happens to an individual. Although travelling and exploring new places is the most exciting thing one can experience, but making the traveling arrangements can sometime dull the charm of your trip. We at Mehar Abroad make sure that what you need to focus on is only your suitcase packing and shopping list and leaving rest of the things to us. We make sure that you enjoy your holiday and all your travel arrangements are done in line with your requirements. We serve all types of our clients, some are in the need of only visas, and some need holiday packages that include hotels, sightseeing and transfers. We even have the option of customizing the package as per your needs, and last but not the least some have the requirement of just booking the flight. So, we feel delighted to say that we are happy to serve each category of client, without forcing you to buy a packaged deal. You have to simply put your requirement on the table and we will get it done


Although, we are living in a highly competitive and digitalized market today, where people are just one click away from accessing any kind of information and like to do everything online. There are no second thoughts in it, that a lot of reputed companies have ventured a lot of their resources in making this ticketing business a C2C (Computer to Customer)category. But still the best deals are always delivered by people not systems. At Yellow Sapphire, we guarantee you the best available prices and deals, at ZERO Convenience Fee. Get into touch with one of our executives take the quote; compare it with the prices in the market. Once you find our prices the best, you may visit our office for final deal or can simply pay online and we will email/WhatsApp you the ticket right on your phone. We have no hidden charges. We provide air tickets at best prices for both Domestic and International sectors. So, do give us a call before you book a ticket.



Mishappenings are something that no one is prepared for. So it’s always better to be insured for that moment. So for that it`s really important that you have an insurance with you. We, at Mehar Abroad have partnered with major industry players of this sector like Reliance General Insurance, Bajaj Allianz, Religare and many more to chose from, to provide you a wide variety of plans to choose from which cover a lot of necessary things ranging from your simple lost of passport, luggage to an emergency medical situation, illness, repatriation and etc. Our plans are designed to suite you needs, ranging from an insurance cover for a couple to days to years, for a single person to a family, a cover of 50,000 USD to 5,00,000 USD. We provide the best quotes of insurance plans for overseas travel.
We always have and aspire to be a One-Stop shop for our clients so that they need not to go anywhere else for anything. This make us feel really great as by doing this we see ourselves fulfilling our motto “Guiding You Till The End”, on which this company was founded. We always look forward in making our clients fully satisfied, we always have and will be in the need of trust and continuous support of our clients to achieve great endeavors in life.

Travelling is fun. This may sound like an understatement, but you know what we mean. This is your time to be carefree, to be out and about exploring and just finding new places to be. However, there can be some situations that can dampen your holiday spirit. Imagine falling sick and needing medical attention. Everyone knows that medical costs in another country could hit the roof. While you may have planned for certain contingencies, medical emergency costs can occur at any given time. One thing that can always help you at times like these is a travel medical insurance.

The best travel insurance policy safeguards you from the financial losses and the unforeseen problems that you may encounter during a trip. Selecting the right policy is one of the key factors. Here’s what you need to keep in mind when you take an insurance:

More Coverage: Depending on which country you are travelling, select your international travel insurance policy, which covers the cost of healthcare treatment overseas, the risk of losing your passport, theft of valuables, etc. You can buy travel insurance online that would safeguard you from losses against unexpected expenditure such as medical treatment, loss of baggage, loss of passport, flight interruptions or cancellations, etc. during your trip.

Frequent Flyer’s Delight: For the regular, frequent fliers, who need to travel overseas multiple times in a year, opting for a Multi-Trip Travel Insurance is a better bet. This is the best travel insurance for frequent flyers as it covers expenses of multiple trips within the year and saves individuals from paying multiple insurance expenses. It is also convenient, as you do not have to buy a fresh policy before every trip. Depending on the insurance provider, each of these categories are further classified into Gold, Silver, Platinum, etc. based on the premium rates and coverage.

Destination Insurance: Consider a few important factors before you select a travel insurance policy, like country, age, and activity at the destination. The country you are travelling to, the risk and cost factors associated with it, etc. will help you identify the plan that is best suited for you. Travel insurance to Asian countries is less expensive than the European and American countries. The policy amount varies on factors like distance, risk factors, medical expenses of that country and such other parameters. You can check for travel insurances online that will cater to your travel needs.

Activity Insurance: The insurance cover depends on your activity at the destination. If you are visiting for entertainment activities like sightseeing or shopping, the regular international travel insurance plan is sufficient. However, if you are planning on adventure activities, you will need to enhance your travel insurance cover with an added cost, since these are not included in the regular travel policy.

For Everyone: Travel insurance in India is available for all age groups. Senior citizen plans include greater cover for diseases and hospitalization. Certain policies also safeguard your home back in India, while you are travelling, or offer assistance to your family at home, etc. at a higher premium. This is when you break the stress of everyday life. Why not insure your travel so you could leave the stress behind!

Other services to make your travel smooth with us: We offer wide range of services to smoothen your travel. Its time to look at Forex and Visa services formatalities if you have insured yourself.